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L'individu, le groupe, la synergie

Origin & Genesis

What matured my reflection and which led me to design a different approach to Customer Relationship Management comes from my professional career, of more than thirty years in General Management, in the fields of sales and hospitality.

I learned management by working in TimeShare or Timeshare in France and internationally, in France in Deauville, in Belgium in Mons, in Spain on the Costa del Sol, in the Balearic Islands in Ibiza, in the Caribbean, etc ...

I understood very early on that I had to create a link, make sense with the men and women I managed and that this represented the basis of success.


Become one with them by allowing them to flourish, to be proud to be part of a common history by never failing to remind them that they were essential to us and by thanking them for being by our side every day. 

Since then, whether at the head of restaurant services at the Institut du Monde Arabe, at the Pavillon LeDoyen with Chef Yannick Alléno or for the creation of tailor-made catering at the University of the Thales Group, my practice of management brought me to the same reflection and analysis.

I had to take into account another element to perform Customer Relationship Management and optimize its impact; put in place the mechanisms to voluntarily train our employees on this path so that they appropriate it and become actors.

"Where there is a will, there is a way"  Winston Churchill

Origine & Genèse: Feature
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